What We Do

What We Do

We are a leading provider of aviation financing. Since 2003, we have financed over 150 aircraft across almost every segment of commercial aviation. Our investments include aircraft and engine leasing, trading, part out, freighter conversions, new deliveries, aging aircraft, and a variety of airline credits around the world. Being part of a sophisticated family office investing platform translates into world-class advisory services and market knowledge.

Aircraft and Engine Leasing

We invest in aircraft and engines for short- or long-term lease. We lease a variety of different aircraft and engine types to airlines around the world predominantly in an operating lease structure. (See our assets page under Investments for more information on our aircraft and engine leasing capabilities.)

Freighter Conversions

We provide equity capital for the acquisition and conversion of freighter aircraft. We have successfully taken 757, 737 and turboprop aircraft and delivered them into the freighter market after conversion. Because of our long-term focus, we typically continue to own aircraft following conversion and are one of the leading cargo aircraft lessors in the world.

Asset Trading

We have the ability and experience to invest speculatively in aircraft and engines for lease or sale. We provide capital or structured loans to profitably facilitate the purchase and resale of assets to other customers. Our asset trading activities have been a core part of our business since inception.

How We Work

Petrus Aviation works in tandem with our partners to maximize the value of our assets for our partners and their customers. In serving our customers, we bring value beyond transactions by contributing knowledge about assets, lessees, deals and markets – without interfering with the responsibilities of our operating partners.

To help our partners maximize the value of our assets, we prefer simple, straightforward structures where our interests are aligned. We also have the ability to address nuance and complications with creativity. To our customers, we bring our knowledge to bear to help them get the maximum utility out of the asset. And to the industry, we offer patient capital, a long-term focus, and unrivaled service.

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